ASHANKS 1.9ft Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilization Track Slider Review

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This carbon fiber camera track slider from ASHANKS is the ideal camera stabilization accessory for taking perfect in-focus pans of products or close-up subjects. This camera track slider is extremely versatile. You can set it to pan a set focal point, you can set it to pan across from side to side, and you can pan across in a panoramic arc. This is a high quality accessory for your DV, SLR, DSLR cameras. It’s super strong, being made from carbon fiber. The track action is ultra smooth. It also packs nicely in the included carry case which has a very comfortable shoulder strap. This has proven to be a valuable accessory in my filming arsenal.


This camera slider track is made from high quality carbon fiber which means it’s very light to carry around. It also includes a padded carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transport. The slide action on this track accessory is very smooth. It completely removes the possibility of jittery video while you pan the camera across your subject. It offers several different adjustment settings which allow you to stay focused on a predetermined vanishing point or you can set it to take wonderful panoramic shots by setting the track to move the camera in an outward arc.


This camera track can be used both horizontally or vertically. It has mounting holes so you can mount it to your existing rig or tripod setup. It also has adjustable rubber feet which allow you to adjust the height and angle when using it on a flat surface. If you are thinking about adding a camera slider track to your filming accessories, I would highly recommend this one from ASHANKS. The one in my video is the smallest one they offer at 1.9ft long. They offer longer tracks as well. You can check them out via the link at the top of this review.  🙂


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