BedHug Burrow Blanket For Dogs And Cats

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The #BedHug burrow blanket for dogs & cats turns your pet’s bed into a comfy cave of peace and security. My dog is terribly afraid of thunder and even more… fireworks!! Year after year she would usually run and hide under the bed or under the sofa. This year we had the BedHug and she absolutely loved it. She laid in there all night feeling like she was hiding under something. It definitely gave me piece of mind knowing that she was safe in her bed instead of venturing around underneath things.


The BedHug material is really soft. The main outer shell feels like a suede material. The border and entire underside (inside) is a super soft fleece material. My dog felt like she was wrapped in a blanket, but with the freedom to move around and come and go as she pleased. She lays in it all the time. She even goes in head first sometimes to take a snooze. Maybe she’s trying to tell me I keep the lights on too bright.  🙂


The BedHug turned out to be an awesome product for us. If your pet likes to hide under things, this might be a great solution for you as well. I would definitely recommend it based on my own experience with it.