BeQool Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Review

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I really love the BeQool lighted vanity mirror. Honestly, after taking my first look into this mirror I was certain that it was the work of the Devil. Seeing my pores that up close was an eye opener for me. I ran right out and bought some pore cleaning strips.


Seriously though… This mirror magnifies your face 10x which is more than enough to pluck those eyelashes or monster nose hairs. It’s enough to see just how clogged your pores really are. The lighted halo border makes it super easy to see every fault on your face. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? I have no idea. It’s crazy!! 🙂


It’s a great mirror for applying your makeup as well. You can adjust the lighting to be as bright or as dim as you like. And with the suction cup base, it’s going to stay put. The suction cup is so strong that you can even stick it to your larger bathroom mirror to make applying your makeup easier. You can easily look back and forth between the larger mirror and this one to get the small details just right.


Would I buy this again?? Most certainly!! 🙂


I got it on Amazon. Check it out at the link below.