DRINKPOD Bottleless Countertop Hot Cold UV Water Filtration System Review

Purchase: http://bit.ly/drinkpod1000


Okay… So right out of the box, the Drinkpod has a bit of impressive bulk to it while still maintaining that it’s a compact unit. Unpacking it was easy, and installation took less than 15 minutes total. I would think that most home users would not need the help of a plumber to install this. The installation is basically turning the cold water knob off under your sink, loosening a nut, screwing on the T-adapter, and screwing the original nut back on. The rest is just running the waterline how you want it. For us it was a fairly simple install. We ran it under the cabinet and drilled a hole out the back corner of the cabinet and ran it up behind the oven and along the back of the counter right to the Drinkpod. They also include a shut-off valve that you can install in-line closer to the unit itself for easy water flow shutoff for when you change the filter. In our situation, we skipped that because it is just as easy to turn off the lever on the T-adapter that we installed under the sink.


Once we got the waterline attached, we let the water run through the filter for 10 minutes to make sure it was free of any particles. After that, we were ready to go. The Drinkpod offers three temperatures of water to choose from…. Hot, cold, and ambient (slightly cooler than room temp). So you can make a cup of hot tea and then a few seconds later dispense a cup of chilled water. Very convenient indeed. This, in addition to it’s awesome filtration system. The Drinkpod utilizes an Advanced Water Purifier with Ultra+3 filtration that is 100x more powerful than typical faucet and refrigerator filters. It combines that with UltraVi light sterilization that basically blasts any and all bacteria with ‘ultra violet death rays’. The result? Crystal clear, delicious water… Hot or cold… Whenever you want it. The filtration / sterilization process is so powerful that the Drinkpod makes even the most undrinkable water drinkable. This is great if you live in parts of the country where there are frequent hurricanes or other natural weather disaster conditions. When the news comes on and tells everyone that they need to boil the water before drinking it, you are good to go with the Drinkpod because it filters out all of the bacteria that could possibly be in the water to begin with.


We don’t get many instances up here in the north where the water is considered undrinkable, but it does happen from time to time. Our decision to purchase the Drinkpod was out of pure convenience and anticipation of saving money by not having to buy bottled water anymore. We were spending over $900 per year on bottled water. The Drinkpod will pay for itself in no time at all around here.  🙂  Plus, the convenience of having chilled water, or instant hot water for a cup of tea or to make a cup of Ramen noodles is just a bonus. If you’re looking for a water filtration system for your home, I would definitely recommend the Drinkpod 1000% based on my own personal use alone. Setup was easy, the functionality is great, and the convenience factor is phenomenal.


If I  could add or change anything on the Drinkpod, I would definitely like to see a variety of cup dispense sizes on a future model. Maybe somewhat like the Keurig where you can choose 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, or 12oz. Also, maybe a way to dim the display at night. As far as I can tell it only has one setting on this model, and that is super bright. Other than that, the design and functionality are pretty much all we could ask for in a water filtration / dispensing appliance. I hope you find this review helpful. Thanks for visiting.  🙂