EHOOM 1920×1080 HD Car Rear View Mirror Cam Review

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The EHOOM 1920×1080 HD rear view mirror dash cam is extremely easy to install and is far better than traditional dash cams. I say this because, it doesn’t block any additional part of your windshield. It attaches right over your existing rear view mirror using two very strong rubberized bands.

The included power cord is long enough to route around your car’s molding if you choose to do so. It’s powered by your cigarette lighter, so you can just let the power cord dangle straight down as well. Either way is fine, but honestly, it only took 10 minutes to route the cord to where you can’t see it at all. 🙂

The dash cam records to a micro TF card (up to 32gb) and has a loop mode so you are always recording. That way you know you are always going to have proof of any accident or incidents. It has many other features as well such as accident detection, auto video locking, HD recording, and more. Please click the link in the description above to see all the features.

I’ve owned several dash cams in the past, but this one is my favorite one by far. It blends right into the existing car design which is ingenious. It is easily removable too if you wanted to do so. You could move it between vehicles. It even has a setting to separate recordings from different vehicles. The screen quality is super bright. It’s very visible, but not distracting. You can set it to turn the image off after a set time. And when the image is off, you can’t even tell that there is a screen in the mirror. It just looks like a rear view mirror. 🙂

If you are looking to buy a dash cam, I would highly recommend this one by EHOOM. It has an 18 month warranty to boot which sealed the deal for me. 🙂