elebebe 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker / Steamer and Blender Processor Review

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I’ve had this baby food maker for about a week now and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve made a whole bunch of different baby foods in it so far. Some that you can see in my video. I have yet to find anything bad about it. It steams the food, automatically drops the food into the blender, and then blends it into a smooth baby food texture. No lumps or missed bits at all. The steam cooking is strong enough to cook raw chicken which you can see in my video. I whip up some chicken and mixed vegetables with ease. The best part is, is that you know what’s in the baby food. No preservatives or coloring. Just whatever fresh ingredients you fill the basket with.The operation controls are pretty straight forward. You can pretty much set it and forget it. It will steam, blend, and beep to let you know it’s finished.

The instruction manual didn’t include any recipes per se, but you can easily Google or Youtube some recipes like I did. The book does offer a list of suggested foods and cook times for individual items for the different baby stages though. It’s BPA-Free and is well made. Clean-up was also very easy. I just rinsed the blender container with hot water and it was spotless every time. My expectations were well surpassed and I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE with a baby. It would be an excellent baby shower gift for sure.  🙂

If you’re a proud mama or are expecting, or if you know someone who is, definitely check out this amazing baby food maker from elebebe.  🙂