Nectarkast Bluetooth Mobile Marketing Device Review


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The Nectarkast Bluetooth marketing device has been a wonderful addition to our business. It’s great for brick & mortar retail businesses, as it allows them to send discounts and coupons to their patrons in real-time as long as they are within the broadcast distance of the Nectarkast device. In testing, mine has a broadcast range of approximately 250 feet. It requires no power source or recharging at all. It has an internal battery which is estimated to last about 2 years. I reach hundreds of potential customers in just an hour walking through a busy shopping mall. Now, imagine if you were a business in a mall. You could broadcast discounts and coupons to every customer walking by that has a Bluetooth enabled Android phone or device. All for fifteen bucks a month. I use it to advertise online deals mostly and the earnings from click-through traffic in just one hour at the busy mall pays for the monthly service.


The Nectarkast will broadcast any message and clickable link to any Nearby Bluetooth enabled Android device within range. This is Bluetooth marketing simplified. It just doesn’t get any easier. The service is very cost effective at only $15 per month for the basic service which allows you to use up to 3 Nectarkast devices on a single account.


If you’ve been thinking about how to obtain more customers or simply share offers with current ones, check out the Nectarkast via the link above.