Sprayable Sleep Transdermal Sleep Spray Review

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Sprayable Sleep has helped me to achieve a good night’s sleep without the use of oral medications. I was very skeptical at first as to whether a spray such as this would or could really work as well or better than oral remedies. After a few days of use, I definitely noticed that it DID work. In fact, it works rather well. Possibly even better than the melatonin pills I have tried in the past. Maybe a spray is a better delivery method. Makes me wonder if other medications could be delivered this way.


After years of taking oral medications for insomnia, doing God knows what to my liver, I have finally found something that works in a different way and I’m very pleased. All you do is spray two sprays on each side of your neck about an hour before bedtime to give it time to absorb into your system. It’s a very fine mist with no smell or residue.


I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you are looking for something to help you sleep and do not want to venture into the realm of oral medications. It really made a difference for me.


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