TENKER GP90 – Best Affordable 3200 Lumens LED Video Projector

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Purchase: http://amzn.to/2wCC62j


The TENKER GP90 is an excellent home theater projector. The picture quality is bright, clear, and crisp. It is a 3200 lumens LED projector, so it looks amazing in a low lighted room. In a dark room, the colors really pop. You aren’t going to achieve the maximum visual capabilities in a brightly lit room.


The cooling system does a wonderful job, as the housing never gets warm. As with most projectors, you can hear the fan, but it is definitely quieter than other projectors I’ve had. You want to keep the right side (looking from the front) unblocked, as that is where the vents are where most of the heat is dispersed.


The GP90 has a built in speaker, but I would definitely recommend hooking up a set of home theater speakers if you are going to use this in a permanent setting. The audio is definitely acceptable for casual viewing though.


This projector has lots of input options. It has two USB inputs so you can view images or play movies directly from a USB drive. It has two HDMI inputs for HD devices up to 1080P such as DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Camera, etc. It has one VGA input so you can connect a PC. It also has on AV port and an included AV cable that allows you to hook up RCA type input cables such as a VCR or older type video camera.


I have included a demo video which I’m projecting onto an 80-inch screen from 7.5 feet away. I found this to be the perfect distance for that size screen. I am streaming via wifi to a Chromecast which is attached to the projector. So the only cable actually running to the projector is the power cable. This setup is really convenient because you can stream from online services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. directly to the projector. The colors are bright, text is easy to read, there is no lag or jitter in the playback. The projector performs really well.


This definitely blows any 1500 lumen projector out of the water while not being priced too much higher than it’s lower quality counterpart. If you’re looking to purchase a projector for casual viewing, the 3200 lumen GP90 from Tenker is a solid choice. Based on my own personal experience with it, I would definitely recommend it.


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