TENKER Q5 Mini LCD Video Projector Review

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The TENKER Q5 mini video projector surpassed my expectations. The Q5 is packed with features and I found it very user-friendly. Setup was a breeze and took only minutes.


I used my Google Chromecast to play the video in my demo wirelessly. It worked flawlessly as I had hoped it would. Even with the affordable price, TENKER did not cut any corners when it came to quality. This is a solid projector. It has lots of input options such as RCA AV, HDMI, VGA, and USB. I plugged my Chromecast into the HDMI and powered it right off of the adjacent USB port. So the only wire I had coming from the projector was the power cord. How’s that for convenient? 🙂



I found the Q5 to perform very well in it’s class of entry-level home theater projectors. The colors were bright and the picture was crisp. I wish my camera were able to record better in low light. My video demo does not do it justice. The audio was also acceptable for movie night at home or a viewing with a small to medium audience. The projector seemed to throw the audio out towards the screen. It didn’t sound like it was coming directly out of the projector when viewing.


TENKER has delivered an affordable home theater option for those who do not wish to or cannot afford a several thousand dollar setup. This would be a perfect projector for home use. Definitely perfect for your first experience with a home projector. Based on my own personal use, I would definitely recommend giving the TENKER a try.


Thanks for watching. 🙂