Top Quality Gold Grillz Shiny Top & Bottom Teeth Combo - Gold Grillz Shiny Top & Bottom Teeth Combo

Looking for a blinging pair of GRILLZ? This set of top & bottom gold grillz from is made from high quality FDA approved materials. They include a custom silicone fitting system that takes only minutes to adjust to your own teeth. They came in a very nice display / storage case.

The silicone fitting system worked really well to create a custom fit. These grillz will not fall out while being worn. They fit very snug and comfortably. Much better than others I have tried. If I had to compare what they feel like when being worn, I’d say they fit much like an athletic mouth guard. Also, I love that there are no toxic materials in these grillz like many others found on the internet.

I am really glad I went with this brand over others that I found online while searching for the perfect pair. They are quality made and do not feel cheap at all. Quite heavy and well plated for the price. For what I paid, I believe I got a great deal. The quality far surpasses what I had expected. I would definitely recommend these.  🙂


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