WeirdBeast Ocean Wave Projector Light Review


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The WeirdBeast Ocean Wave Projector / Sound Machine really delivered on so many levels. When I placed my order for it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of performance. I have always had to have some sort of constant sound present in order to get a really good sleep. Whether it was white noise from a fan or air purifier, or some sort of ambiant sound machine. Sometimes, even just leaving the TV on all night was my go-to. My question before it arrived was whether it would be really good or really cheesy, and I’m happy to say it turned out to be really good.


The initial setup took all of 5 minutes to un-box the unit and get it plugged in. It took only a few minutes longer to figure out how to use the wireless remote control. The remote is laid out well with just a few simple necessary buttons… Volume, audio selection, light color/pattern selection, and timer controls. Yes, it even has a built-in auto timed shutoff. Personall, I leave it on all night, but for those of you who need some ambient sound just to get to sleep, the timer is an awesome feature.


The WeirdBeast Ocean Wave Projector Light offers several light color pattern modes as well as several sound modes. You can even expand the sound choices via a memory card (not included). I really like the built-in sounds, so I personally probably wouldn’t need to venture that far into the rabbit hole, but it’s a nice feature for those who maybe want to change it up with some soft music or other ambient sounds. You could just load your audio tracks onto a memort card and pop it into the unit.


WeirdBeast Ocean Wave Projector Light 2
WeirdBeast Ocean Wave Projector Light


The unit itself measures about the size of a softball. The light is super bright. I am constantly amazed at just how bright these tiny LED lights are. The effect of water or clouds moving is absolutely stunning. The effect resembles ocean waves flowing across your ceiling. Almost in a smoky mist sort of way. It’s totally mesmerizing and very relaxing indeed.


The box included the main unit, an audio cable to connect to a phone, mp3 player, or other audio source. a USB cable used for power, the user manual, and remote. You’ll want to note that the unit does not include batteries for the remote. You’ll need two AAA batteries for that. My only gripe with the unit is that I thought was a bit inconvenient that they provided a USB cable for power, but no AC wall adapter connector to plug it in. Luckily, I have a drawer full of them from old cell phones. As it comes, you’ll have to plug it into a USB port on a computer or if you have an outlet strip with a USB plug that’ll work too. As cheap as they probably are, it would have been nice to see one included so it could be plugged in without any additional components.


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