Ohderii 1080P HDMI Upgraded Home Theater LED Projector Review

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Purchase: http://bit.ly/ohderii


The Ohderii Home Theater Projector definitely stands out amongst it’s competitors. With a 30% increase in LED output performance over other 1800 lumens projectors, it was definitely a bit brighter than other 1800 lumens projectors that we have reviewed. We were very pleased with our demo results and have to affirm that for the price, this was a very decent projector. The focus was very good once adjusted, and the audio was acceptable. It wasn’t high definition audio coming out of the projector itself, but you do have the option to attach a soundbar via the audio output on the projector for a better audio experience. In any sense, a projector is all about the picture, and the Ohderii projector definitely exceeded our expectations. At it’s pricepoint, it’s a decent projector. It’s light, compact, affordable, and it performs well. It’s a projector you can take on the go for small presentations and not have to worry about a complicated or expensive setup. It’s great for an entry-level home theater setup. All in all, a good buy. Definitely consider it if you’re looking for an inexpensive projector that performs well. Thanks for visiting.  🙂