Survival Hax 3 Season Waterproof Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

Survival Hax 3 Season Waterproof Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Survival Hax 3-season waterproof mummy sleeping bag is very deceiving on first sight. When I first unboxed it I couldn’t believe that a full-fledged super warm and comfy sleeping bag could be packed into such a small package.


Once I unrolled it and it fluffed up a bit, I crawled in, zipped it up and I instantly knew it would be a part of my core camping/hiking gear. At just over 2lbs, it’s super light and it packs small at about 1ft long and the circumference of my hand rolled, I can even clip it to my backpack. It’s about a third the size of my usual sleeping bag that I take camping and hiking. It’s warm, comfortable, and I like that I can really close myself completely inside in cooler weather.


The materials feel like they are quality made. The stitching is well done. I was able to move around a little inside the bag and I didn’t feel the seams pulling at all. The bag was really warm after a few minutes. I’m not sure if this would make a great sleeping bag for below freezing temperatures, but spring, summer, and fall I’d say it’s perfect. If I could wish for any improvement, maybe an included carabiner clip to clip it to a backpack would have been a nice bonus. But I”m just nit-picking at that point. I would definitely recommend checking this sleeping bag out. I’ll provide a link below and at the end of the video. Thanks for watching. 🙂




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